Thursday, 8 February 2018


Looking through a magazine at a "Top 100 of this..." list, a "Top 100 of that..." list and the like. I flicked to a page titled "Top 50 heroes to appear in film in 2009". Batman, to my surprise, was in first place at Number 1. Slowly, as I read and absorbed this list (Joker was at Number 5) I was absorbed into the actual scene. Batman towered next to me (I was Number 50, I was sure) and I noticed his costume was very overwrought, his ears very long and his nose incredibly pointed. The actor(?) therein was very tanned, possibly Latino or Italianate. At this point Batman, and subsequently, all hell broke loose and I suddenly realised I was perhaps Animal Man and, as such, stood no chance in this fight. Great power bolts were being fired and the security/police guards who were now attempting to restrain everyone were taking a beating. One of these bolts just missed me, blowing a hole in the side of our train transport. These developments about location and others seemed to be obvious to me at the very moment they occurred - I simply knew we were on a train. A Luke Cage-alike in a blue costume, who I also assumed to be Animal Man helped me through this breakage and out onto the side of the train. This same character, now sporting a Russian accent, proceeded to clamber round to the very front of the train, of the typical US chunky design, and seemed to 'metallically' absorb it whilst simultaneously sort of spewing it back out in a smooth, shiny aluminium solder-alike splodge. This process brought it to a halt-

Hiding in a garage with the Luke Cage guy, fearful of pursuers, as Thor sought to construct a version of his hammer from suspended pieces of swaying timber-

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