Tuesday, 20 February 2018


Lying in bed. Woke up and switched on the small angle poise on my bedside table. Being an energy saving bulb it flickered slightly prior to staying on. However, the bulb continued to flicker at this point of ignition. Suddenly I realised there was an identical lamp next to this that had switched on independently, it too flickering in the same way. I then realised my whole room was full of lamps flickering at this low ebb, drawing on the house's power in order to flourish. I suddenly took fright, realising that this overloading would mean a fire would break out. I heard my brother wail from the adjoining room and knew this meant that there was already something aflame. I ran to my parents' room, sure in the knowledge that if we switched off the power at the mains the fire would cease. I knocked on my parents (carpet coated?) door and entered. Both of them had my father's head on their shoulders, my mother lying reading on the bed, my father sitting on the edge, exuding an air of calm confidence. He and I headed to the meter cupboard where I flicked one switch, then another and, before long, I was rapidly switching a multitude of multiplying switches! All the while my brother's steady wail was sounding in the background. I ran upstairs to his room and flung open the door. Oddly, the swing of the door created a clear path through the fire across the floor to the foot of his bed. Strange flames, akin to fake movie effects, flickered up the curtains to my right. I lunged forward to my brother's bed, clutching at the form of the burning blanket-

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