Monday, 30 November 2020


I am in some sort of office environment. Without any overarching visual evidence (aside from a lack of any windows) I have a sense that it is a basement. I am immediately confronted by my old schoolfriend Eee Eff talking to a colleague. He is saying something about, “...if the cap fits...” with reference to someone (who I half suspect to be our mutual schoolfriend Enn Ess) having taken a photo (“ soon as he got out...”) on his phone of a black and white historic photo, depicting a mining community – though I also, given the coming context, calculate it to actually/also be lawn bowls – that is framed on the office wall. I feel the bowling would seem to tie in with the suggestion that Eee is stressing the fact that Enn Ess, as much as he might deny it, was into gambling and that , having “got out” (from wherever that may be) he took the picture from habit, thereby confirming his underlying addiction- 

I continue to walk through the office. It is very tired, with faded green carpeting and timber fittings to the walls and doors. I pass a few offices that are in darkness, illuminated only by the light from the corridor, a lonely chair propped against the wall – I think to myself, wondering if I could afford to rent one of these spare rooms to work in? The rooms that are occupied are just as sparse, with great solid timber desks, that are decidedly old fashioned in build, alone in the centre of the room. I walk out into a foyer area – there's an L-shaped timber counter with a break for access to my right. A young smartly dressed man, tall, with a long face and blonde tousled hair on top is there looking at his phone (which I can see from the white lead is plugged in and charging). The minute he spots me he checks himself, wiping the cheeky grin from his face and adopting a more serious expression. As I walk past I think to myself that he was probably looking at pornography until I caught him- 

My friend Gee EmmCeeEll and (formerly a Studio colleague) Cee Bee. They are dating. It seems Cee has put a value on their relationship, and in a series of columns, which I see clearly before me, has added it up to the sum of 1,370 kroner. On the other side of this page is some figure of Gee's that is closer to 120 kroner-

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