Thursday, 27 August 2020


The Beta Band and they are involved in some sort of comedy skit, talking in exaggerated English tones. A news announcer then states that Steve Mason and Alan Lamb(?) of the band will both climb Mount Everest. The skit, which is in black and white, then changes to colour and is overlayed first by a caption saying "Belgium" then by another that says "Colourized, 30 seconds later.". (I'm amused by the Monty Python-esque comic touch they display here.)-

We're on a gentle hillside looking up to the four members of band, with long grass and a pleasing, warm autumnal quality to the early evening light. Close up it looks like Mark Gatiss of The League of Gentlemen is now playing the role of John Maclean. He starts talking to a figure who appears from further up the hill. This character is also played by Mark Gatiss. I am quite sure their confused exchange is along the lines of, “Are you queer?”, with “Are you queer?” in response. As more men appear from uphill, one of whom is a comically trussed up Reece Shearsmith, everyone proceeds to ask over and over, “What am I doing here?”-

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