Wednesday, 19 August 2020


I am with Alex Paterson and Kris Weston of The Orb. Weston is in charge of a revolving black drum, approx. 3 inches in diameter and 2 feet tall, that he is asking Alex to hit on the beat. He is doing this with a plastic shark fin (though it is more like a reverse tail, resembling a fleshy arrow point). This is for the track 'Assassin'. I cannot tell if Kris is doing this knowingly, the joke being on Paterson (as well as the pressure to keep in time). Kris has unusually short hair, the longest plastered across the top of his head. Paterson seems to be regressing as we go, getting younger, his hair lengthening and grin broadening until he resembles an overexposed 70's polaroid. I turn around and to my surprise there are several people sitting cross legged on the floor watching the proceedings. One of these is a girl from my primary/secondary school, Eee Gee. She seems to say something about everyone always doing, or being asked to do, what is expected of them - in her case that seems to be to provide tissues to-

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