Wednesday, 17 June 2020


I am at my friend Ess EmmSeeKay's house, late of a (Friday?) night. It's around 11pm and we are deciding what to watch on television. I manage to persuade him to put on (my DVD copy of) Fearless Vampire Killers. He's not that fussed and we watch the first few minutes together - quite different in terms of content (similar-ish) and picture quality (poor) to what I remember - before he says he's taking his dog for a walk. I realise it's pointless to sit and view my DVD alone at his house, and ask if he's at all bothered if I take it way to watch at home, thinking I could just set off with him on his walk. He says that's fine and I vividly recall being impressed that his DVD player ejects the disc in the standard flat tray only to angle it up to the left side, exposing the edge and making it very easy to lift out. There's some confusion, to Ess's amusement, as I clumsily negotiate my way around the ground floor of his huge house - the rooms seem to interconnect for ease of circulation - and I accidentally disturb his son, Dee, in his room- 

I am in a shared office/Studio space with several other people. The desk layout seems uncomfortably crammed and just a little jumbled, as if they've been shuffled around or deliberately reconfigured to maximise inconvenience and unsettle us. It feels like I'm supposed to sit somewhere over to the left, but I decide to take a rather awkward spot on the right of the space. I recall the sense that some object (the edge of a drawing board, perhaps?) is uncomfortably close to my head when I am sitting, hovering in my field of sensation. Still, the reason I chose to sit here is quite clear as there's some guy - more or less heard and not seen, vague like everyone else present - who is kicking up a considerable fuss about the layout. An older lady, similarly less defined, is sitting there absorbing (and presumably exhausted by) his ire- 

Next I am sitting with a work colleague - it feels almost like a variation of the office space, right down to the simple crisp white desks, etc. - but we're talking about grabbing a quick pint. It's 4:00pm and I seem in a rush to head off. I change my mind as Kevin Costner comes over to join us. I recall he started work recently. (Could I manage just the one beer by 4:30?) We ask him what he thinks the fussy guy's problem is. Kevin says it's (something along the lines of), "my life is shit so I'm gonna make your day as shit as mine." We're both impressed/amused at this concise assessment and my colleague offers him a drink too. With a knowing wink in my direction Kevin cooly says he'll get them and stands up. All I can think is how my time will pass and how I will pace my drinks-

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