Tuesday, 9 June 2020


I am in a huge arena witnessing a Kickboxer-esque (is it a sequel?) event. Jean Claude Van Damme is there. He is visible only from a great distance and never facially recognisable - I simply know it is him participating. He wears black combat pants and nothing else, his body toned and in suitably '80's shape. His opponent is a great hulk of a man - 3-4 times a normal person's size?! - with long straggly hair and a black wrestler-type spandex suit. Again, I never see his face, my view restricted (mostly) to shots of JVCD misjudging brutal two-footed kicks and slithering harmlessly across the broad, rough skin of his monstrous opponent's back. At certain moments it looks to me as if this giant is carrying the prone body of a woman, clutching her in his right hand, securing her torso under his arm. Is JVCD trying to rescue her? In the middle of the arena there stands a 2-3 level tall scaffold structure, presumably to add more excitement to the contest, that has several access ladders up to and between the timber platforms. At one point JVCD takes on two other (normal sized) combatants, knocking one (and himself) to the floor. Both lie there, huffing and puffing, regaining their senses after the blow. Finally he is challenged by two men wearing Imperial Stormtrooper suits (but no helmets)-

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