Thursday, 16 May 2019


On a cruise ship(?) with my father and older brother and we are moving cabins (between ships). I seem to have agreed to some pact, or there is some power, that means my older brother is in (complete) charge of me. We are moving a LEGO man collection. There are lots of little figures and I am carefully taking the heads off them. There is an astronaut Legoman - of the simpler, 80's grey variety - who has large square blocks attached to each if his feet. These are made up of several square, but flat, bits of Lego stuck on top of each other. The very bottom piece is translucent orange to give the impression of a 'booster'. These blocks keep coming to pieces and falling off his feet, which I find frustrating, constantly rebuilding. There is a large square piece of Lego, slightly contoured with flat black pieces, that each figure need to be 'tapped' in and out of as this seems to track/register them - is this so they can track who is using a child's Lego gun? I just tap the feet of each figure for a second and then I'm done. My brother asks me to get him a whale skeleton kit at either 1:1000 or 1:2000 scale. In fact, he asks me a second time and I am deeply annoyed, really raging, at myself for forgetting-

On a wide carpet-covered walkway. It looks internal, but it feels as if I am outdoors on the docks (without being in any way apparent). The carpet is a deep red and I am walking at a very brisk pace, clinking my nails of the dividing fat tubular steel handrail (on the same uprights). At a certain moment I have a flash of the image of a Sperm Whale and think about its bone structure in relation to how a model kit of its skeleton would look. I overtake my Dad - somewhat rudely, I know - in my rush. I have a beer can(?), which is long like an aerosol, with exactly the same concave bottom, and a swirling pattern very like the Brasso design. Somehow my Dad catches up and begins talking about the rubbish we've left behind in the cabin we've vacated, books, videos (and something to do with Babylon 5)-

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