Tuesday, 1 January 2019


I am with my old school friend Emm Dubya and we are in a busy sort of cafe lobby, like Nardini's in Largs, where there is a curved concave counter with two young girls serving and large windows to the street side. We are joshing and, I suppose, flirting with our cashier, having a good laugh. There is a chilly, Christmas feel to outside, the stark winter light, and I am conscious of the shoppers visibly bustling to and fro. Emm has a shot of warm whiskey and I order one too. It comes in a small plastic shot glass, like a sampler you'd get at an airport. I'm not quite sure if I'm ready for it (or allowed it!), drinking half and offering Emm the rest. The drink also comes with an oversized architect's triangular scale rule in a black zip ended protective case. It has zips at both ends and one is particularly squashed. I put the ruler in the case and am glad of being able to zip it up okay. I am stunned that all together this only costs£2.50! Through the glass we can see Kay Emm sitting outside with someone. The image is not clear, but Emm Dubya and I are sure we recognise him from his large glasses-

We are outside and I am showing Kay (and Emm Dubya?) my rucksack which I have jammed in hiding on a small retaining wall on the promenade. What is in the bag? We are watching Richard Dreyfuss in the water and we are tense as we can see JAWS coming towards him. We are shouting, scared, to him to get out. He does so just in time and the speeding shark squashes its nose comically against the side of a boat slipway. Emm Dubya has a note from his uncle(?) claiming credit for something (in the dreamescape?) that ends with the memorable words, "a rainbow tacked with fear."-

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