Wednesday 29 November 2023


I am sitting in an office-type environment at a desk with an old fashioned, somewhat hefty, computer monitor on it. My back is to the wall and across from me sits A. N. Other (who I feel I do know, only cannot bring them into any recognisable focus). At the desk to my right sits Robert De Niro, sporting his 2020 oversized spectacles look. He talks of waiting 12 minutes to start (I wonder 'what?' and, oddly, 'when?'). He comes over to my desk and we watch some sort of vintage 80's ITV/Jim Bowen quiz show on my computer screen- 

The seconds are ticking away as we view a gloopy pint of Guinness being poured – the large foamy head is dripping like sludge into the glass – the brown liquid against an equally muddy background. De Niro is gently caressing my left hand, all the while completely absorbed and amused by the footage. (I'm a bit bemused by both his actions and the fact that it's ??:19 on my monitor clock – wasn't it 12 minutes to :40 or what?)-

Wednesday 22 November 2023


I am with Boss Hogg from The Dukes of Hazzard television show. (I may be the character Bo, but I'm not sure.) I seem to be in this episode as well as watching it – a glitch of the dreamescape – and it feels like I've seen, if not dreamed, all this before. We are on the shore of a beach (Largs?) with a tarmac path to our left and the beach/shallows immediately to our right. Boss Hogg is walking on the surface of the clear, still seawater, puzzled by the unusual foam-like substance that lurks just under the surface (and which is evidently substantial enough to support his portly frame). We reach the edge of this strange underwater material – and it is at this point that I'm quite sure I've seen this episode before as I know the material is oil that has solidified and can be taken up and torn with one's bare hands... and that Boss Hogg will fall through it at some point, huffing and puffing to great comedic effect-

Wednesday 15 November 2023


It is like I am watching an old fashioned television interview but my POV is the TV itself. A typical macho dude, all muscles with a slick, curled blond mullet, piercing blue blue eyes and the classic square jaw, is talking. He wears a sheepskin waistcoat (with a pink/purple hue) over his tanned and toned frame. The caption informs me he is 'Hermes as “Paint Brush”' - he has two brushes in his left hand that have been dipped in thick yellow, custardy paint). He licks these as you would and ice cream, speaking into the camera as he does so-

He quite suddenly races off down the street, disappearing into the distance, tearing past puzzled bystanders. I find myself wondering, 'what must they be thinking?'-

Wednesday 8 November 2023


I am sitting at a circular restaurant table with (ex-Stone Rose) guitarist John Squire and two others. I am next to John but also, thanks to a fuzziness of the dreamescape, sitting opposite him/myself. This being opposite is ill-defined but I feel it is (a sort of out of my grasp version of) me. Ess EmmCeeKay, a girl from my primary school years, joins our (already overcrowded) table and sits down, forcing me to budge up to my left and thus squeeze up right next to John. She asks me, 'have you ever dealt with Ingles, Dingles and Cowpit?' - I take this to be the name of some architectural firm-

'Made of Stone' by The Stone Roses begins playing over the restaurant's PA system and I push my pasta in tomato sauce about in acute embarrassment, playing with my food listlessly as I'm aware of John bristling and seething as the staff slowly turn the volume of the song up and up-

Wednesday 1 November 2023


I am waiting at a railway station with my friend Gee Dee. I am telling him how there are three large ½ figure promotional installations of Star Wars Clone Troopers, each brandishing a laser rifle of some sort, visible from the train. (Did I see them earlier?) We don't exactly eleborate on what they are promoting, just that I have seen them. Gee goes off to make a mobile phone call (to his home to find out how his wife and baby boy(?) are getting on)-

I (re)join Kay Emm and Jay Pee-Enn and we walk together from the platform and enter the small glazed ticket office. As one the three of us shy away from/turn a blind eye to a commotion – it seems like there's an altercation taking place and we'd rather not get involved. Before I move away I sneak a glance – in looks like a rangy girl is stamping on someone lying on the ground while her boyfriend(?) watched with an air of indifference-

I am now conscious of the rangy girl, her mute boyfriend in tow, following me and trying to engage with me – for a moment (as I begin to panic) I am separated from her by a sort of tubular steel upright that supports a little (waiting) table on top. I am not fast enough however, and before I know it the girl has pounced on me and has me pinned to the ground (by somehow crossing over all my limbs and trapping me like a bug). She then accuses me of kicking out backwards at a woman – I see this innocent motion replay in my mind over and over as I puzzle towards the truth, my innocence, questioning myself, 'did I?' - and states that this sort of subtle violence towards women will not go unnoticed, will not go unpunished. With her tangle of short-cropped hair the girl has a curiously ill-defined face, her features are plain and unattractive, her skin spotted and pasty and (something which makes her accusation and aggression all the more frightening) her right eye is perceptibly over closer to her ear than to her nose, giving her lopsided face an oddly blank yet threatening expression-

Wednesday 25 October 2023


I am together, with Kay Emm, at the singer Shaun Ryder's house/flat. Ryder's brother (not Paul?), a gangly youth of about 18 (with a slightly rough and threatening air about him) and parents (who seem a kindly couple in their mid-to-late 40s?) are also present. (Being the dreamescape Ryder himself is easily in his 50s.)-

We are all waiting for something, something both inside (dinner?) and outside (unknown – nothing but a tense sensation). Shaun is not there that much and we spend most of the time with his younger brother (of whom I'm still somewhat wary in spite of his relaxed manner). I give the brother £30 which is to cover some favour/undertaking he/they have done for myself and Kay Emm. We talk about 'Madchester' and (either I can visualise or) Ryder has lots of photos of record shelves jammed with vinyl. Black and white individual photos of The Stone Roses and The Charlatan's frontman Tim Burgess - one where he's sticking out a huge Jagger-esque Rolling Stones tongue – as well as crude Madchester themed artwork such as lemons have been laminated and inserted as dividers. I am fascinated by this and mention that at the time you could buy Stone Roses collectible 6” figures (that I would have bought) as well as an Action Man sized Ian Brown doll. Shaun's brother did not know this-

It comes time to leave the room but there is suddenly a huge American Cadillac-style car with two people sitting in the front seats (and our luggage in the back?) blocking our exit. Ryder's brother simply manhandles the car up on its end using the rear axle/bumper and tilts/tips it out the (bedroom?) door-

We are now sitting in the front room. Ryder's father is eating a small circular dish of jelly with a Smartie set in the middle and several equally spaced around the edge. I'm sure these puddings are for the “kiddies” but still encourage (a reluctant) Kay Emm to have one for herself – to my mind they are a Polish treat-

I'm quite certain I need to split the £30 I handed over between Ryder and his brother and, by producing approx. £70 in notes from my pocket, hand him £15 (which I seem to think will then be passed to Shaun and all will be settled... Or does the brother give me the £30 back? At this point things get confusing and for the first time there is that first sense of threat and impatience in the air. Shaun, however, is not concerned – he says something about his brother giving him £1500 when offered the £15 by myself. As Shaun just woken up? Kay Emm seems to be very tired/sleeping-

I go into the first room and hunt out a small 'flip' mirror, curved at one end and in a white/ivory coloured plastic case. As I am examining this object Ryder's mother – she has a dark mop of hair, big, honest eyes and an open, jolly but weary face – enters and says something about 'Uncle Vanya' (a play?). I'm not sure what she's referring to – the mirror? - but she is so amused and laughs away. I force myself to join in-

Wednesday 18 October 2023


I am looking at a UK Government form – the sort one would use to appeal against a benefit withdrawal or criminal injury compensation claim – that has been made out by one 'John Clees'. I stare at the name and make a joke – for THE John Cleese is with me – about "dropping an E". He finds this most amusing-