Monday, 4 January 2021


I have been out working (outside?) with Daniel (from the cult Icelandic situation comedy Naeturvaktin) and a crew of people. I feel suspicious of them, and am somewhat paranoid that they are out to get me and am thus wary of the following day - Daniel has stated it will be long and that I should bring "two beers" with me. As such I find myself in a supermarket (with fellow sitcom character Olafur?) and we are wandering around the tightly packed shelves looking for specific stuff. I am quite keen that I do not bump into anyone from the work crew, my sense of paranoia (of them making fun of me or disliking me) at an extreme. I am looking for a 4-pack of Milky Bar yoghurt desserts. I think I have found some - I am being directed in my hunt by what seems a mash of Olafur and Kay Haitch, my young nephew - but these are in fact individual pots. I am inspecting what certainly seems to be some variant of a Milky Bar product when I realise that I am in amongst the 'Stock Pots' section, and that all the surrounding items contain a thick brown liquid and these are evidently for stewing-

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