Thursday, 30 July 2020


Visiting Gee, my old upstairs (and across the hall) neighbour, (un)conscious that here in the dreamscape he is living two floors directly above my flat. His apartment is dark and dingy with a low ceiling, poorly lit by two conjoined high level windows that seem to be the only (limited) source of natural light. We are standing in the hall and to my right I can see into the living room. It is quite compact, with brown carpet on the floor, walls and ceiling. There is an old tube television, with a timber veneer finish and standing on four tapering wooden legs, in the corner. It is a surprising sight – I expected his place to be both modern and clean. We are talking in the hallway, beneath the window, and (to my inner alarm) water begins to to pour through the carpet-covered ceiling, soaking into the floor below. The damp, black wound from which it trickles would suggest to me this is not a new occurrence – I am worried about my flat. Then, as the flat walls begin to warp and bend – why did I not notice they were leaning before? - adding to my concern a strange pipe construct (that almost but not quite meets in the middle) appears to (nearly) span the space. Water seems to flood from the upper pipework and, whilst it does not quite successfully join with the lower section, some of it is caught and drained away. I struggle to see if I can get the two separate ends to meet to reduce this needless and damaging spillage-

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