Tuesday, 5 May 2020


Feels like my Grandpa's house/location in NetherleeGlasgow. I am there, although the actual dwelling I am in is definitely not the same – just an overall familiarity to the environment. My little brother and I are in bed together – we are young, sharing the same double bed such as we did when required (to stay over) as children. My brother is under the sheets which are kicked down on my side. Feels like early morning light. The bed faces a long rectangular window that overlooks the neighbouring house's slated roof. There are two SVP pipe outlets that stand about a metre high, and they emerge from a surrounding lead flashing. Four kids, all younger than us – their ages ranging from about 2-10 years old – are playing there. There's a boy of around 7, with close cropped ginger hair and a round-ish head, who is the most active, dodging and yelping between the pipes while the others look on, giggling. This scene seems to play over. The young toddler – I know his name is Shaun – hugs the SVP on the right hand side. He then, quite suddenly, drops off the edge of the roof. This is a stunning moment and seems to bring a vivid rush of parental warnings as to the dangers of playing there to the fore. I am quite sure Shaun is dead, dreading it, after falling 2 (or 3?) storeys. There is a huddle of concerned folk around him as he lies static on a slab path in the garden. He is, in fact, alive, and he moves, seemingly unharmed- 

I finish up a meal and put my plate into a huge sink. It is very tall from the floor, with a timber trim to the worktop, being about the size of (if not bigger than) a bath. It is quite angular, built with a buttress for pipework in the middle of the wall side. There are several dishes and some cutlery sitting in it already. I feel that I am (staying) at my friend Jay Gee's but cannot ascertain if it is the same house as above- 

I am outside and lingering in a large, green field area. Trees over to my left with a well-worn narrow path running across. I am waiting (for my brothers or for Jay Gee?) to continue on a walk with them (to?). I see my little brother, with a rucksack on his back, cross the path. I don't make a move-

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