Sunday, 17 February 2019


Back at Largs Academy. On the stairwell between floors in the old(er) building. Looking from the landing heading upstairs can I see my adult friend Ayy Arr, actor Ian McShane and a lady talking together. I seem to feel they are talking about me - I have an imprint that previously I was following them upstairs while they discussed, but did not notice, me. I deliberately slow down on the stairs in the hope they catch me up and they do. I am then walking with them, Ian McShane looming tall and large in my field of vision-

I go up to the school's art department, clutching a huge floppy book (to do with art, my career?) uncomfortably under my arm, and seem very keen to talk to the teachers. The area is crowded with classes and canvasses and the teachers, until I can get close enough, look very similar to those I had when I was in Secondary School. I approach each of them in turn, first and older man then a much older woman, then shy away, realising it's 20-25 years since I attended and these people are not the same. I end up being approached, and talking to, a young woman, voicing my confusion about who is there and why I am there-

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