Wednesday, 12 September 2018


At the University trying to see a film at the Uni cinema(?). Both films started at around 10:00am and I arrived later, at around 10:35am. The security guy suggested that as the clocks had gone back then the 4:40pm showings might be at 3:30pm. Weirdly this did not apply to the morning showings. I was confused. Met Kay Gee and she had a baby with her. Something to do with murder. Saw a police file with her picture on it. In the picture she had blotchy, reddish skin and looked quite fat. Modern platform lift. Folk waiting on it. When it arrived we all piled on – maximum load only 6 people so it slowly sank downwards. We all wanted to go up. When the load eased up we travelled to the fifth floor. Again the lift started to descend before I got off. I managed to get onto the little ledge part on the fifth floor. I started to fall down the lift shaft but a protective door came down and trapped my legs. Pulled through backwards to safety by Kay Gee and an old, bespectacled woman-

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