Thursday, 24 May 2018


University campus. In the core, amidst a central landscaped area, the perimeter to this made up of generic concrete/glass buildings forming an 8-shaped enclosure. At the centre of each '0' of the 8 stood 4 weathered metal structures, like highly stylized pointed fingers, reaching 3 metres or so up into the air. I walked into the second '0' of this zone, hearing Pink Floyd "ooh awuhs" from Dark Side Of The Moon being played on a wind instrument – a saxophone, I think. 2 guys are approaching, the furthest away playing a short melody. The guy nearest to me plays a longer passage, hitting a good few bum notes. The other guy follows on from him, but messes up slightly, laughing at this duff playing. They continue like this and I pass them, laughing to myself. I walk between the metal fingers, noting the steep incline and the boggy, marshy quality to the ground. I am walking with either Cee Haitch or Ess Ess from my schooldays and I have a golf club in my hands. The club is wrapped in a black seal, not dissimilar to that on wine/champagne bottles, and is broken at the head and in the middle of the shaft. We pass through between the buildings at the apex of the '8' and emerge onto a slender walkway looking across trees and low roofs. To our right stands The Queen who, aside from her shades-like glasses, is dressed formally in woollen, slightly drab attire. She stands there stiffly, holding a golf club as if she were a soldier called to attention. I remember thinking that she only had the one bodyguard - I consider this only as he appears. Next I am putting a ball into a slender valley trough, aware I am competing against Margaret Thatcher-

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